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Signs Your Horse Would Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Wouldn’t it be great if we could feel 100% well, all of the time? Not surprisingly, our four-legged friends have the same sentiments about health. And even though they - like Read More

10 Plants and Chemicals Toxic to Horses

While most equestrians and horse owners know about the common plants toxic to horses, sometimes they are unaware that other toxic plants and chemicals are located on their horse property. Read More

Recognizing Common Equine Eye Conditions

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES   Promoting good eye health for your horse is important. In our experience at the Carolina Equine Hospital, we observe many conditions that can cause issues for your horse Read More

Recognizing the 9 Signs of Cushing’s Disease

You’ve heard it time and time again- “my horse has cushings”. This seems like something every horse develops when entering his golden years and while it may not happen to Read More

Horse Profile: Girl Crush Makes a Big Recovery

In our ongoing series to provide stories of different horse profiles, the care they've been given, and how they are thriving in their environment, we would like to introduce Girl Read More

Ten Signs Your Horse Needs a Dental Exam

Equine injuries such as wounds or soft tissue swellings are typically easy to recognize. Problems that aren't visible to the eye, however, can go unnoticed. Take dental issues, for example. Read More

Best Practices When Your Horse Steps On a Nail

The Problem Your horse limps into the barn from turnout and you closely examine his lame leg. When you find the head of a nail protruding from the frog, you carefully Read More

Viewing 33 - 39 out of 39 posts


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