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Whether your horse is your hobby or your passion, a family pastime or a significant business investment, the providers at Carolina Equine Hospital have the expertise, equipment and capacity to care for your horse both now and in the years to come.

Combining years of experience with best-practice applied technology, our team of professionals handle everything from routine check-ups, vaccinations and dentistry to reproductive services, internal medicine and acupuncture.

Your Farm or Ours

While many services are performed at our hospital, the vast majority of our patients are seen on the farm in their “home” environment. Carolina Equine Hospital provides routine and emergency farm calls to a large area in the central Piedmont of North Carolina. Bringing quality veterinary care to your farm, whether vaccinations or minor surgery, is the passion of our doctors at CEH. We provide ambulatory services to Rockingham County, Guilford County, and portions of the surrounding counties. Our veterinary trucks are outfitted with special veterinary boxes which allow us to carry the majority of medications and equipment right to your horse’s stall. Each veterinary box is equipped with a refrigeration unit, water, and heat to keep medications warm during the winter. Our trucks are equipped with computerized medical records to provide instant access to your horse’s medical records as well as efficient use of billing and after-care instructions.

The benefit of caring for your horse in his/her own environment is quite obvious; they are often more relaxed and cooperative. We provide ambulatory veterinary care 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. Our regular appointment hours are Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm but we provide prompt, professional care to all our patients in an emergency setting. Veterinary emergencies encountered during the day are triaged to the available doctor and we strive to keep our regular appointments on a punctual schedule when possible.


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