Dental X-Rays


At Carolina Equine Hospital, we have years of experience providing residents of the Piedmont Triad with reliable animal dental services. To provide the most effective dental care possible, we are proud to offer dental x-rays for horses, cows, sheep, goats, alpaca, and other large animals. Many dental problems lie under the gum. To accurately evaluate them, dental x- rays must be taken. There is no difference between the use of dental x-rays in humans and animals. An x-ray machine is used to view the inside of the teeth and areas below the gum of the animal that are impossible to view otherwise.  


Importance of Dental X-Rays

Animals cannot tell when they are in pain or when they are experiencing some discomfort. For a veterinarian to know the type of dental problem that is affecting your animal, an X-ray is the only way. 

  • X-ray images will reveal areas of decay below the gum line and inside the tooth. To avoid guessing which tooth is decaying from inside, we will take a dental x-ray to make sure the correct tooth is treated.
  • X-rays help detect cracks, decay, and sills found between teeth that lead to severe pain. We can also detect cavities, tartar buildup, and tooth decay on the sides of the teeth.
  • Periodontal disease can cause the animal's teeth to deteriorate. Dental x-rays are crucial for identifying this condition early on.

Schedule Dental X-rays For Your Horse

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