6 New Year's Resolutions You Should Make For Your Horse

With the end of each year comes a new wave of promise for the next. New Year’s resolutions are a way to have a new start without changing everything about yourself. These resolutions probably aren’t something horses worry about, but maybe we should throw in a few for their sake. Here is a list of New Year’s Resolutions that you should make for your horse this year.

  1. More Time In The Saddle- Bucky might not seem like he wants to be ridden every other day, but it will help get him stronger and healthier, ready to take on any scary plastic bags that dare to float through his pasture or the next show that you boldy sign the pair of you up for! It’s understandably hard to get in your saddle miles when the weather is ugly, but with some planning and creativity, it is not impossible! Keep an eye on the forecast and plan your rides on the best days or ask a friend if you can use her indoor for an hour (we should all be this lucky!). Is it hot outside? Try to ride in the morning or the evening. Too cold to ride? Take the necessary steps afterwards to keep your mount safe and feeling good.

  1. A Safer Stable- We are all guilty of putting things off. “ I don’t have a hammer to fix that nail sticking out just a little bit from the stall door.. I’ll get to it next time I conveniently have a hammer within arm’s reach”. Make a resolution to take care of any barn safety issues when you first notice them so that they aren’t there long enough to cause any damage to you our your curious barn dwellers. You know as well as anyone else that if there is something unsafe at the barn, the horses are always the first to find it!

  1. Better Horse/Human Health- Every year, people choose weight loss as their top NYR. The main goal should be for you and your horse to just be healthy! Take care of yourself while making sure that your (now probably woolly mammoth looking) horse are in tip top shape to keep working at whatever level you are currently at! Keep your fitness up so you can ride longer and keep your horse’s endurance and strength up so he can carry you for longer periods of time. As a horse person, it isn’t just about you, but you AND your horse!

  1. More Quality Time- Riding is great. Feeling the wind in your hair is an amazing feeling. But do you ever just hang out with your horse? We hang out with friends and family while just enjoying each other’s company so why should it be any different with your horse? Is he polishing off his hay net? Use this time to give him a good once over and brush him until he shines like a new penny. Comb out his mane and tell him what is going on in your life. Spending time with horses is magical and many people agree that it is life changing.

  1. Work On Your Emergency Fund- Horses are expensive. This is the first thing people tell you when you express interest in owning a horse. Something that adds up with horses though is the emergency costs should something go wrong! Emergencies happen out of the blue, usually at a time when you aren’t rolling in money. Creating an emergency fund is a very responsible decision, especially when you have horses since the pasture is notorious for sending us a horse with a mysterious injury at eleven o’clock on a Sunday night. Knowing you have some money set aside for situations like this can help you rest easier.

  1. Clean Out Your Car/Trailer- While you may drive a nice looking vehicle, we horse people are notorious for opening the door and having three saddles, a bale of hay, a blanket, five halters (when we only have one horse), a handful of carrots, and a barn cat that we don’t remember ever seeing before spill out. Bonus points if the saddles are clean! Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy can help you out big time if there is an equine emergency where you need to know if you have that extra halter laying around to catch your now loose horse. A clean car is also safer as there is less risk of something getting up under the brake pedal or flying into you should you do any sudden stops.

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