Goat Health

How an Equine Hospital Can Help

What You Need to Know and How an Equine Hospital Can Help

Recently, many people have begun keeping goats around their homes. Goats can make for interesting companions, and can also provide milk, clear out underbrush, and do various other things too. That said, it’s important to take your goat's health seriously. If you have a goat, schedule an appointment with us at Carolina Equine Hospital in Browns Summit, NC. We can also help with horses, cows, sheep, and other animals.

Goat Health Explained: Common Issues and Solutions

Goats are herd animals. As a result, if one goat gets sick, other goats are often at high risk for the same condition. If one of your animals is injured, this may cause distress not just for the injured animal, but also other animals in the herd.

Goats are famous for eating just about anything. Unfortunately, that not-so-picky appetite can lead to stomach issues, such as Coccidiosis (runny stool), urinary stones, worms, and other issues. Some conditions, like worms, can spread among animals in the herd, making early treatment vital.

Then there’s Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis, a common viral disease usually spread from adult goats to kids. Some conditions, like Bacterial Mastitis, are so serious that entire herds are sometimes culled to prevent the disease from spreading.

Fortunately, some diseases can be controlled with vaccines. If you own goats, speak with our veterinarian about vaccinations and which shots are right for your animals.

Goats may eat materials that could end up upsetting their stomachs or cause GI blockages. Other conditions may be difficult to diagnose. A goat vet can use x-rays, radiography, and ultrasonic imaging, among other diagnostic tools, to uncover what’s plaguing your animals.

Antibiotics and various other medications can also be used to control diseases, provide pain management, and otherwise improve the health of your goats and the herd. If any of your goats are pregnant, it’s also wise to work with a veterinarian to ensure that the pregnancy is proceeding in a healthy manner. Sometimes, intervention is needed.

Contact our vet at Carolina Equine Hospital in Browns Summit, NC, for all your goat care and pain management needs. We also treat sheep, cows, horses, and other animals.


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