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Welcome to
Carolina Equine Hospital

Carolina Equine Hospital is dedicated to providing innovative comprehensive veterinary care, exceptional service and education through our team of experienced professionals for large animal owners in the Piedmont triad.

There is no other vet practice that can compare with the reliable, 24/7, immediate emergency response that we have come to count on over the years from Carolina Equine.

Jammie Thompson Hand

Dr. Talbot has been seeing our pony for 11 years. Each time he does an exam he shares more knowledge with me. I have learned so much from him. Plus he is great with my rascal pony, knows my kid’s names, and is just an all around great guy and vet. He never makes me feel like he is rushing through and always takes the time to find out how everything is going with our pony. Top notch!

Tonya Cochran Bramblett

Over the last 15 plus years I have worked with the vets at Carolina Equine, they have not only saved my horses’ lives several times, but they have helped me find ways to
provide quality of life for them and for us. They are always on the cutting edge of new treatments, even before many other vets are aware of new issues. They supplement
scientific medical care with other methods, such as acupuncture and massage therapy that can really add to my horses’ recovery and long-term comfort. And they are ALWAYS
there, right away, in case of emergency, even on Christmas Day! We were very fortunate to have found Carolina Equine, a message we relay regularly to anyone who asks!
Nancy & Alan Ferguson Liberty, NC

Nancy & Alan Ferguson

We have had horses for several years and have been blessed with having had very little illness within our herd. How ever this past year we had two emergency cases. One
dealing with colitis the other with an unusual soft tissue injury. We had never experienced either of these serious issues. We called upon Carolina Equine Hospital and could not have
been more pleased with the care we received. The level of expertise from both Dr. Wallace and Dr. Boyer went far beyond what we have experienced in the past. We are so
very grateful to them for their service and feel so lucky to have the entire staff of Carolina Equine Hospital available for our horses.

Ellen B.

The doctors and staff of Carolina Equine Hospital have always displayed professionalism, patience and compassion when assisting me and working with my horses. They are
highly knowledgeable and up-to-date with advances in veterinary medicine. In the spring of 2014, my wonderful pony developed an extremely rare – and what would have been
fatal – fungal infection in her trachea. Dr. Wallace and staff worked tirelessly to identify the illness and develop a unique treatment plan that ultimately saved her life. Today she
remains healthy and back to her pre-illness activities with no problems. I would recommend Carolina Equine Hospital to any equine enthusiast, whether it be a professional with a
barn full of horses or the average horse-lover with a backyard equine “pet.” Jane Allen, Elon

Jane Allen
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