Stallion Reproduction Services

Fresh-Chilled Semen

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Carolina Equine Hospital provides an artificial insemination service that allows stallion owners to offer cooled, transported semen for their breeding operation. The doctors at CEH can collect semen from your stallion and ship it to your desired location in the United States or Canada.

Benefits of Artificial Insemination with Fresh-Cooled Semen

  • Greatly reduces risk of disease transmission
  • Stallions may be bred to more mares since one collection can be split into several doses
  • In certain circumstances, samples can be transported worldwide  offering mare owners more choices in selecting a stallion
  • Elimination of travel for the mare (+/- foal) as semen is shipped to the mare’s home facility
  • Ability to add extenders and antibiotics to semen to increase the fertility of some stallions
  • Most importantly, use of AI decreases the risk of injury to the mare, stallion, and personnel

After scheduling a date with one of our doctors, owners can trailer their stallion to CEH, allowing staff to unload and take him to the breeding phantom. Following semen collection, the stallion is put back on the trailer while the semen is processed for shipment. Many of our clients find that this process to be less stressful and more convenient than trying to process the semen at their farm. Although it is desirable to have stallions trained to the phantom, we do provide training for stallions not yet accustomed to it.

Our facility can offer temporary housing for stallions that need repeat collections or breedings over a short period of time. This allows us to collect the stallions while preventing the stress of constant trailering.