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Breeding Soundness Exam

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The demands of breeding season can take a toll on a stallion so it is important to make sure that they are physically able to do their job while remaining in tip top shape. Breeding soundness exams are very important to allow peace of mind when breeding your stallion or adding a new stallion to your breeding program. Here are some of the most important reasons to have your veterinarian perform a breeding soundness exam on your stallion.

Prior To Purchase

Ideally, all stallions that may be used for breeding should have a BSE performed prior to purchase. This allows the vet to identify any obvious problems with reproduction anatomy, testicular parameters, sexual behavior or semen quality. Finding out the stallion has breeding issues, or is infertile, after purchase could be a financial disaster.

Insurance Purposes

A BSE or some form of reproductive exam and semen analysis may be required in order to secure insurance on a breeding stallion.

Determining Reproductive Performance

When a horse that has just ended his competitive career is being considered for use as a breeding stallion, a  BSE is a valuable management tool to assess reproductive performance and determine how many mares he can be bred. If a breeding soundness exam  is performed annually it can be used to help in the decision to increase or decrease his number of breedings. It is also helpful in monitoring semen changes and fertility over time. A BSE may bring to light any potential problems that could be addressed before breeding season begins.

Identifying a Problem

A breeding soundness exam should be performed anytime the stallion is suspected of having a breeding problem. This might be prompted by a large number of his mares returning to estrus after being bred, a sudden drop in semen quality, a change in the stallion’s sexual behavior and/or the suspicion that he has a bacterial infection.