Reproductive Services



Reproductive Services

Carolina Equine Hospital offers a full range of equine reproductive options, including on-farm and in-clinic services. Our services cover the complete cycle of reproductive care — from preventative medicine and exams before breeding, to fertilization, perinatal health, birth, and neonatal care for new foals. 

Whether your intent is to breed a horse for sport, for sale, or for leisure, Carolina Equine Hospital will help you achieve your goal of a successful pregnancy that produces a healthy foal.

Mare Reproductive Services

Carolina Equine Hospital has the expertise and technology needed to provide the excellent care your mare requires before, during, and after pregnancy. Our care includes: 

  • Breeding soundness exams
  • Uterine culture and cytology
  • Ultrasound to aid in monitoring heat cycles, diagnosing pregnancy, and managing infertility
  • Artificial insemination with fresh-chilled and frozen semen
  • Pregnancy exams
  • Problem mare evaluation and treatment
  • Foaling mares
  • Embryo collection and transfer

Stallion Reproductive Services

In addition to fertility evaluations and breeding soundness exams, Carolina Equine has the advanced technology needed for semen collection and processing for artificial insemination with fresh-chilled or frozen semen. These options allow mare owners to breed to stallions from all across the country. Our stallion reproductive services include: 

Foaling Services

If your mare has any complications during labor or foaling, Carolina Equine offers 24-hour emergency services. We also offer care for the mare and foal after foaling. Our services include:  

  • Emergency care for complications during labor or foaling
  • Postpartum exams
  • Care for nursing issues

For foaling services provided at Carolina Equine Hospital, we have limited space available. If it is evident ahead of time that your mare will need our services during foaling, it is best to talk to our staff ahead of time. 

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