General Wellness


Carolina Equine Hospital offers customized wellness programs to best suit the needs of your horse. Prevention is the key to good health, and there is no better way to prevent a disease than to check for it.

We recommend twice yearly wellness exams so that we may familiarize ourselves with your horse and detect subtle health changes. We will offer advice on nutrition, management, husbandry and exercise. Customized vaccination and deworming programs are designed to best suit your horse, taking into consideration life stage, level of activity, environment and overall health.

We also offer a customized Equine Health Care Plan which includes twice yearly wellness examinations, vaccinations, fecal parasite checks, deworming and health consultation.  Please call our office for more details.

To see which program is best for your horse, please make an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss the health and wellness of your horse.

Electronic Coggins Testing

Parasite Control


Geriatric Medicine