Zoe’s Story: A Fight For Life

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Meet Zoe!

Zoe is most likely the cutest donkey foal you have ever laid eyes on. She is sweet and purple is definitely her color. Keep reading to see how this sweet girl came into the lives of the doctors at CEH.

How She Came to CEH

Zoe, a good natured, 6 week old donkey foal, was found with her right front leg caught in some debris. Once they helped free her and she was able to use the limb normally, she was brought to Carolina Equine Hospital so that the veterinary medical team could assess her injuries. 

The Discovery

After being evaluated,  it was discovered that she had two deep wounds on either side of her pastern. Dead bone could be seen through the wounds, and there was great concern that the wounds also entered the nearby joint. When a joint is open to the outside environment through a wound, it can become infected. Depending on how quickly an infected joint is addressed and successful treatment is in clearing the infection, the joint may return to normal or it may develop arthritis, limit mobility and decrease quality of life. 

Treatment Plan

Because of her young age, Zoe’s owners and medical care team decided to fight for her future. Dead and infected bone and soft tissue were debrided from the wounds, and antibiotics were infused directly into the limb. Back at home, she continued to receive oral antibiotics, and her wounds were kept clean and protected with frequent bandage changes. With time, her use of the limb improved dramatically. She returned to Carolina Equine Hospital a few times so the team could assess her healing. Each time, Zoe’s doctors were impressed with the progress she’d made.

Zoe Today

Most recently, Zoe was bouncing around like a normal foal and her wounds were quite small and healthy in appearance. She will need only a few more bandage changes at home and antibiotics for a little while longer, but she’s set to make a full recovery!