A Look Back at CEH’s 2019: A Year in Review

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Just as we are finally getting the hang of writing 2019 instead of 2018, the year is over! This year has been a great one for CEH with lots of learning experiences, a couple of great interns, and lots of interesting cases! Keep reading to learn more about our great 2019!

Fantastic Interns

Dr. Kaitlin Mielnicki and Dr. Melissa Sheppard have been hard at work keeping our patients healthy and keeping the hospital running smoothly. Between emergency calls and teaming up with our senior doctors to treat sick patients, our interns are priceless. We ask a lot from them, and while they usually don’t get much sleep between emergency calls, they always bring their A-game! 

Frozen Semen Services

This has been a pretty big year for CEH’s breeding services! We are now able to offer clients the opportunity to collect and then freeze their stallion’s semen for future breedings. Carolina Equine Hospital is the only practice in the Piedmont Triad that offers freezing of stallion semen, and we understand the dilemmas our stallion clients face. Owners of mares interested in their stallion aren’t always in their area, with some breeding requests coming from outside the country! One thing that can help you build your breeding program is the option of using cooled or frozen semen. Once it has been frozen, semen can remain in storage for an infinite period of time. Check out this blog to learn why frozen semen may be the answer to your breeding dilemmas.

Successes On The Blog

This year has been great because the doctors at CEH have been able to successfully treat some very interesting cases! Providing care to a horse that went missing, a miniature horse foal born with crooked legs, a broken leg in a donkey foal, an emergency alpaca delivery, and foals born from semen collected from a stallion post mortem! Our blog has also taken off and we publish one new blog post per week. So, stay tuned for medical miracles and cute pictures!

More Horse Health At Your Fingertips

Ashley’s goal this year with the blog was to provide more posts about general horse health. Blogs about hives (which seemed to affect EVERYONE this year), hoof abscesses, Red Maple Poisoning, EEE, and basic horse care (including senior specific care). There was a blog about how much it costs to own a horse and what a coggins test is. 2019 was a great year for learning more about how to keep your horse healthy and hopefully CEH made knowing how to do that a little easier for you!

Online Pharmacy

While you are online shopping at home, you may remember that your four-legged child is running low on his daily medication. You could get your things and drive over to CEH and pick some up (if it is between 8-5, M-F) or you could wait until the vet makes a trip out to your barn. With the online pharmacy, you can set up a profile, make a few clicks, and in 3-5 days have your prescription delivered right to your home (or barn, or address of your choice). While saving you from adding mileage to your car, the online pharmacy also saves you money by offering medications at a lower price than you would get them from our hospital!

Carolina Equine Hospital

We have had such a great year in 2019 and have seen and learned a lot! We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for us! As always, we will be available for appointments Monday through Friday from 8-5 and are always available for emergencies. If you have an emergency after hours, call us on the normal number (336-349-4080) and then listen to the prompts (press zero to get transferred to the on-call veterinarian). We don’t check the voicemail until the next day (or Monday morning if it happens to be a weekend!) so make sure to get connected to the doctor on call!