Make Your Christmas Even Merrier with These 12 Horse Ornaments

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With the holidays right around the corner, we have compiled a list of horsey Christmas ornaments that you can make sure to include in your decorating. This helpful list can also point you in the right direction to some horse-themed Christmas presents for those that are too busy riding to be able to decorate the tree!

  1. Jumper Ornament- A classic horse ornament that will look great on any tree! Try to line them up so they look like they’re about to clear a brush jump (Christmas tree limb)!
  2. Clydesdale- Do you have a special place in your heart for draft horses..or classic beer? Watch the Super Bowl only to catch the latest Clydesdale commercial? This ornament belongs on your tree!
  3. Metal Horse- Are you a fan of horses but not a fan of being called a “horse person”? The answer to your dilemma lies in this ornament. Silver goes with everything and this decoration isn’t going to draw any unwanted attention to the fact you occasionally accessorize your hair with hay.
  4. Horse Trailer Ornament- Everyone has a horse friend that is always having to trailer her steed out to a show..or to the veterinarian! This is the perfect gift for that friend! You can even get their name emblazoned on the trailer because aren’t they really just a personal hauling service for their horse.
  5. Classic Corgi- The only canine ornament on this list, the corgi is a subtle nod to equestrians on the show circuit. Corgis at a horse show are one word- ICONIC. Who has gone to a show and not seen one of these bad boys riding around in a golf cart?! No one? Alright then.
  6. Blue Ribbon Ornament- Always appear to be winning at life with this classic looking blue ribbon ornament! You may have done your test backward at the last show but no one will ever know based on this ornament!
  7. Home Sweet Home- Why not feature an ornament of your second home on the tree? This farm is equipped with four stalls and hayloft. Now accepting new boarders!
  8. Rustic- If you are a texture person and can’t get enough burlap, this sweet burlap buckskin is perfect for your tree!
  9. Custom Horse Ornament- Do you want to include more of your own horse in your Christmastime festivities? Put his face on the tree!
  10. Dressage- Needing more dressage in your life? Here’s a simple way to show people where your passion lies!
  11. First Pony- Remember when you actually got a pony for Christmas?! This sweet ornament can take you back to that simpler time in life.
  12. Artsy Pony- For those of you that like a little flair on your tree and like to express your artistic side!


See anything you like? Each of these festive Christmas ornaments can help take your tree from nah, to neigh! Try making one of these the main star of your tree or go above and beyond and feature all twelve!