How CEH Helped A Horse That Went Missing for a Month

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Bo is a beautiful black quarter horse gelding that is the apple of his owner’s eye. One day in October, him and a buddy got loose and were missing for almost an entire month! When they showed back up at the barn, they weren’t in as tip-top shape as they were when they left. 

Making The Call

When the horses arrived back at the barn, the owners reached out to the doctors at CEH immediately. The doctors performed physical exams and routine bloodwork to check their general health, and Bo’s bloodwork revealed a high kidney value (creatinine) that raised some concern. The doctors recommended hospitalization, IV fluid therapy, and additional diagnostics to give Bo the best chance at success. 

During hospitalization and following initiation of therapy, Bo’s urine began to contain blood and it became uncomfortable for him to urinate. The doctors performed additional diagnostics which included video endoscopy of his bladder and found that his bladder wall was very inflamed and the blood in his urine was stemming from this inflammation.

What CEH Did To Help

Bo was treated with IV fluid therapy (which helped to bring his creatinine back down to within the normal range), as well as antibiotic therapy and medications to help with his discomfort while urinating. He regained some of the weight he had lost while missing, and remained very bright during his time at CEH. The doctors sent out additional diagnostic tests – including a test for Leptospirosis (a bacterial disease spread through ingestion of urine of sick animals) to rule out this being the cause of his kidney injury (good news – it was not!). 

Bo’s Treatment Plan

By the time Bo was discharged from the hospital, he was urinating normally and his creatinine level had improved. He continued on several more weeks of antibiotics at home before a re-check appointment to scope his bladder and check his bloodwork.

Bo Update

After he left us, Bo continued to do well at home. The re-check scope of his bladder showed significant improvement and very little redness and inflammation in his bladder wall. His kidney values had remained stable (creatinine at the high end of the normal range) since he was discharged. We recommended that he continue on a couple weeks of antibiotics after this, but he has been doing very well and we have high hopes for a long, happy life for Bo!

Carolina Equine Hospital

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