6 Reasons We Should All Be Thankful for Horses This Thanksgiving

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When everyone is sitting at the table about to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, most people like to share what they are thankful for. Topping the list is usually friends and family, good health, and happiness. However, most people tend to leave horses off of their list. This is our list that shows all of the reasons we should be thankful for horses. Keep reading to get some inspiration for your own Thanksgiving thankful list!

Horses Provide Free Therapy

Have you ever been down on your luck, having a terrible day? YES. Did you then spend some time with a horse and feel worse? NO! Horses are very good at helping people feel better whether it’s a hard day at work or with mental health conditions like PTSD or depression. Just being around horses can lift your spirits, and they seem to know when to do something funny to lift your mood! They always seem to know when we aren’t our happy selves and react accordingly. Next time you need a hug or just need to talk to someone that will listen to everything life is throwing at you, find a friendly horse. He won’t judge you or walk away if you start crying…especially if you brought carrots!

Creating the Dream Team

Whether you compete at the top level or are starting with the basics together, spending time working as a team can bring you and your horse together as an unbeatable combination. When the ribbons aren’t in your favor at the show, always know that your horse is trying his hardest to help you achieve your goals. He will always do his best and work his hardest for you because you are his teammate. He loves you just as much in last place as he does if you took home the trophy

A Reliable Teacher

Every horse is a teacher. What they teach depends on you. Pulling too much on their mouth? They are going to react to let you know that you need to ease up on the pressure. Not giving clear cues equals transitions temporarily “forgotten” until you get your stuff together! A horse can show you what you need to do by letting you learn from your mistakes and acting accordingly. Becoming a better rider isn’t easy, but it wouldn’t be worth everything you put into it if it was!

Bringing People Together

If you have anyone in your life, be it a significant other, a family, or maybe some very close friends, they will have no doubt spent a little bit of time around your horse. Parents might help you at shows when you’re getting ready and your best friend might be learning how to safely give a horse a carrot without losing a finger. Your child may be taking their first lap around the yard on your trusty senior or the person you’re dating is now seeing why you always come to dates with shavings on your jeans. From taking their first ride to learning that horses don’t purposely try to nibble fingers (not true with ponies), sharing experiences involving your horse can only help brighten and better people’s lives!

Unconditional Love

A horse isn’t going to stop loving you when you’re down on your luck or just lost your job, if you have put on twenty pounds or think that your terrible new haircut looks phenomenal. If you have done something bad and feel terrible about it, your horse doesn’t care. He knows he loves you and that you are his buddy and best friend. He will support you through whatever you are going through and do his best to comfort you in any way he can.

Confidence Builders

Do you ever feel more confident than you do on the back of a galloping horse? No, you do not. Horses give us the ability to have wings and fly. When you are doing your best, your horse (who is always doing his best) is a real confidence builder! From giving you the confidence to get back in the saddle after a fall to giving you the confidence to enter that show you’ve been telling yourself you would finally compete it- horses can make us feel the very best about ourselves!

Carolina Equine Hospital

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful clients and patients! Our practice is about 95% horses and we love getting to spend time with and around these amazing animals every day! If you would like to schedule an appointment to let us care for your horse or just to meet him as a new patient, give us a call!