Keep Flies from Pestering Your Horse with These 6 Helpful Products.

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In the heat of the summer while you are planning your vacation and checking off your summer to-do list, make sure to fit in fly control for your horse. While we can always head indoors to escape pesky bugs, no matter where your horse goes to stay cool, he is usually accompanied by some flying insects. Barns provide shelter but can’t keep every single fly from pestering your horse. Keep reading to learn about some fly prevention products that you can pick up the next time you venture out to the tack store!


  • Fly Spray – Fly sprays come from a variety of brands in many different sizes. So, you may have to try out several different kinds before you find a favorite. Make sure to apply all over and be careful around the eye area (you can apply to the eye area by spraying fly spray on your hard and applying or by using special roll-on fly spray created for this very part of the horse).
  • Swat – While fly spray gets most of the attention when it comes to fly control, Swat is also a very trusty thing to keep in your tack trunk or equine first aid kit. This product is a nice smelling thick cream that prevents flies and can be put anywhere on the horse. Common places to use Swat are on the ears, inner legs, and anywhere the flies seem to be able to withstand regular fly spray.
  • Fly Mask- An equine staple that comes in very classy or very silly designs and patterns. Some have ears that keep your horse’s ears protected, some have a nose guard, and some have a pair of sunglasses on them for those horses that have a sense of humor. Fly masks can come in just about every color to go with your stable color or your personal aesthetic.
  • Fly Sheet- Fly sheets look like a thin, mesh cooler and help to protect your pony against flying and biting insects. Breathable and fashionable, they allow your mount to move freely and stay comfortable with breathability and lightweight fabric.
  • Fans – In the barn there are few things more appreciated by a horse than a fan..and carrots. Carrots, however, can’t deter flies. Fans help air move throughout the barn and make it difficult for insects to hover around your horse. This also helps with the amount of sweating going on, which helps limit the amount of horseflies attracted to your horse.
  • Fly Strips – Fly strips are a method of fly control that might look funny hanging in the barn isle, but can help catch pesky flies without needing to personally come into contact with them. Fly strips are SUPER sticky strips that are hung from the ceiling and trap flies when they land on them. The flies are stuck for good so you have visual proof of just how well the stips work. Pro Tip: Don’t hang them low enough that anyone mounting inside the barn isle will come into contact with them because that is something your worst enemy shouldn’t even have to go through.

The summer months can be enjoyable for everyone as long as bug prevention is practiced. Horses can’t always escape the flies by taking shelter under a shady tree or going inside. So, it is our job to help them out!

If you have any fly questions or fly prevention questions feel free to contact our office (336-349-4080). We are open 8-5, M-5 and always have a doctor on call for emergencies. We serve equine patients in the Piedmont triad and surrounding areas.