How the CEH Team Helped Vic Go the Distance

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Meet Vic!

Vic was purchased as a 100-mile endurance prospect at 6 years of age. The handsome Arabian only had about 30 days of experience under saddle.  It was thought he was less likely to have physical issues after being started under saddle later in his life.


Vic’s endurance training was going well until one day his owner noticed some back and SI joint pain after a 2-day-long North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) ride. She couldn’t determine if the two areas were affecting each other or two separate issues were occurring, so she put in a call to her vet.


After Dr. Julia Dietz performed a chiropractic exam and she discussed the issue with Dr. Talbot, the team suggested a lameness workup and ultrasound before trying any injections. The doctors felt like the main cause of pain may be suspensory damage. They were correct! After the ultrasound, the team confirmed that Vic had proximal rear suspensory desmitis in both of his rear legs!

Vic’s Post Appointment Care Regimen

Even though Vic loved getting out on the trail, the doctor ordered 3 months of stall rest.  When he was able to get out to stretch his legs, he was limited to 3 months of in-hand exercises before being allowed to be ridden again. Those rides consisted of slow long distance conditioning to get Vic back in shape for endurance, making sure to take it slow so he could heal better and prevent injury. The plan was to start with walking and then add in trotting while slowly increasing Vic’s difficulty, speed, and distance.

What has Vic been up to?

Vic completed his first 25-mile endurance ride since his injury back at the Sandhills Stampede Ride in October. His vet card couldn’t have been better, with all A’s from the veterinarians, and he finished strong with no back or SI joint pain.

Quote from Vic’s owner-

“One year ago I didn’t know if we would ever be able to compete in distance riding again. With the help of Carolina Equine, and many months of consistent methodical rehab work, we are back on the trails again and having fun. When I was ready to give up, Dr. Talbot was always standing by to encourage me and provide alternatives and ideas to help keep us progressing towards our goal.  That kind of client care is priceless!”

Carolina Equine Hospital

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*Photo Credit to Becky Pearman Photography