Look Back on These 7 Big Milestones As We Celebrate 10 Years of Practice

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After nearly 10 years of being an established veterinary hospital, Carolina Equine Hospital would like to celebrate some of the milestones achieved by the practice. From the merging of Cedar Hill Mobile and Reidsville Veterinary Hospital to welcoming some children into the veterinarian’s families, we have accomplished a lot in the 10 years we have been established and we would like to share some of our biggest milestones with you!

1. The formation of CEH

Carolina Equine Hospital was established when Cedar Hill Mobile and Reidsville Veterinary Hospital (large animal) merged together. Carolina Equine Hospital wanted the ability to provide advanced care to several in-hospital patients at once so after being at the Gibsonville location for about a year, the building began on a much larger, more equipped equine hospital.  Construction began in February of 2012 and the hospital was completed in October of 2013. The new facility has enough stalls to house eight horses comfortably along with a surgery suite, two treatment rooms, and a full pharmacy. The new centralized location offered the opportunity to expand service offerings while being able to provide state-of-the-art care to clients. Check out the full story about how CEH came to be, here!

2. Development of veterinary internship and student program

Since 2009, Carolina Equine Hospital has offered two veterinary internships that allow two veterinary school graduates to join our team for a year. All doctors in our practice have a strong commitment to the education of our interns. We provide the new graduate with a wide variety of equine experience in a progressive and positive private practice setting.

The goal of these internships is to produce quality, competent, and proficient equine ambulatory clinicians. Some interns have even gone on to earn advanced degrees . A couple of past interns have started their own private practices and some have gone into industry or regulatory veterinary medicine.

3. Expansion of services

Over the ten years that CEH has been in existence, the list of services offered has grown alongside the practice. These services include gastroscopy, digital radiography, digital ultrasound, acupuncture, and chiropractic services. While most of these services can be done out on the farm, gastroscope appointments must be done at the hospital.

4. Expansion of team members

While the hospital was established by the partners, it has since become host to some very hard working office staff and additional doctors as well.  While the doctors are taking calls out on the road, it takes a full team of staff to keep the hospital running smoothly. Besides the partners, the CEH team has an associate doctor, two veterinary interns, an office manager, two receptionists, a veterinary assistant, and a barn manager! That is a lot of people under one roof, but it takes a village to keep Carolina Equine Hospital in full working order!

5. Development of families within the practice  

Since its establishment, the Carolina Equine Hospital family has grown, but not just in the business sense! Dr. Talbot and Dr. Wallace have since added to their own families and love being parents! The staff at CEH loves when the kids come to visit, and maybe one of them will grow up to be a veterinarian too!

6. Electronic Coggins/Health certificates

In the ten years since this business has been established, electronic coggins and health certificates have become an everyday thing and CEH has changed with the times, giving the clients an option to get their coggins tests back  in about a week. Using GlobalVetLink, clients can view their coggins on their computer or get them sent directly to their email in a timely fashion. Health certificates can be done quickly, as long as we have all of the information needed and a current coggins. This is helpful considering you need a health certificate to take your horse over state lines!

7. Dr. Stinson’s successes outside of CEH practice

Since leaving CEH, Dr. Stinson has been very busy! She served as Clinical Assistant Professor and College Veterinarian at Berry College in Rome, Georgia teaching Animal Health and Disease and Equine Management in addition to providing veterinary care to the college-owned animals. She served as the pre-veterinary club advisor and organized veterinary shadowing program for large and companion animal experiences for the students. More recently she has joined the faculty at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine as Associate Director for Student Support and Admissions. In this role, she provides to student organizations while working to enhance student wellbeing and financial awareness. Dr. Stinson is currently serving as the AAEP alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates as well as serving on the AVMA PAC advisory board.  She additionally serves on the Education committee for AAEP developing student programs.

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