Meet Ashley, Half of Carolina Equine’s Stellar Reception Staff

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Carolina Equine Hospital has a growing team of expert equine health professionals dedicated to providing excellent service and care. As the needs of our clients grow, so too must our staff. One of our receptionists has agreed to answer some questions about herself- asked by herself because when she isn’t scheduling appointments, she is creating content for the CEH website.


Getting to Know Ashley

In order to get to know our administrative assistant, Ashley sat down and thought of some good questions to answer.


A – Where are you from, and where do you live now?

A– I live in Elon, and have lived in Alamance County my entire life- besides the time I was away in college. Those years were spent in Banner Elk, NC at Lees-McRae College.


A- Where did you attend high school?

A-  I went to Western Alamance High School. GO WARRIORS!


A- What do you like to do in your free time?

A- When I’m not working, I like to go to the gym and either do spin or Zumba classes. When I’m not at the gym I am spending time with my dog, Denver, hanging out with my boyfriend, painting pet portraits, and asking myself interview questions (kidding).


A- What is your favorite food?

A- I’m not sure if I have a favorite food. I am someone who loves most foods, and I’m not a picky eater in the least bit. If I had to be trapped on a deserted island with one food forever, it would probably be the Thai Chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen!


A – Please tell us an interesting fact about you Ashley.

A – I used to be a mail carrier! I worked in Gibsonville for a year delivering mail on a rural route. So, I actually got to see lots of horses owned by clients of CEH! It was tough work and super difficult during the holiday season. Sometimes I would be out there delivering mail after dark!


A – Now on to the work-related questions! When did you develop your interest in horses?

A – I have always had a love for horses. I remember asking my parents when we were getting a horse and they always told me “when we move to a place where we can have one”. That glorious day happened when I was about 4. I started kindergarten and no one believed that I had gotten a pony. The bus driver who drove me home had seen Alfie and  had to back me up!


A – Do you have any of your own horses?

A – Yes! I have Alfie, my fuzzy shetland pony cross and my goofy mustang, Charlie! They are inseparable, and we were all born within two years!


A – What made you want to work at CEH?

A – Who wouldn’t want to work at a place that revolves around horses? I had no idea such a place existed until Alfie developed Cushings and Dad took me to go pick up his Prascend at the Gibsonville location. I thought it was the coolest place to work!


A- What kind of things does a receptionist do?

A- With the fast-paced nature of working in a veterinary hospital, multiple receptionists are required! Mainly, Joan and I answer phones and schedule appointments for the doctors, but that’s not all! We fill prescriptions, send out reminder cards, scan and fax documents, and keep the reception area looking tidy. We help in other parts of the hospital too when needed, just like everyone else does! When the phone rings, if neither of us is available, someone else will help by answering the call! We are definitely a team here at CEH!


A- What kind of stuff do you do on the website?

A- I am so lucky to have been asked to help with the website and our online pharmacy! With the website, I can let my creative juices flow and really have fun with it while also learning a lot in the process! I also get to occasionally interview myself.

Jokes aside, I am in charge of writing blog posts and maintaining the website. I’ve gotten really into it and like seeing what pictures look good and what kind of writing engages blog readers.

Online pharmacy-wise, I get to help clients set up their accounts (if they need help) and put prescriptions through. I am learning the ins and outs of the online pharmacy and I think it’s really interesting. I also love hearing people get excited when they save money!


A – What is the most interesting thing you have seen while you have been here?

A – I actually got to watch a foal being born on the stall webcams which was amazing! I also love getting to see and meet the foals once they are born!


A – What is one thing you feel is very important for horse owners to know about caring for horses?

A – I think that it is super important to keep an eye on your horses while they are eating. Especially if there are more than one! Alfie and Charlie get along great but when I used to feed them and walk away I later learned that Charlie would scarf his feed down and then chase Alfie away from his! Alfie lost a little weight from it but under his furry shetland coat I had no idea! When I keep an eye on them I can keep Charlie away from Alfie’s bucket until he has finished all of his food!


A – What is your favorite part of your job?

A – Every part of my job! That sounds corny, but I really grow as a person by doing everything my job requires and getting to spend time with my coworkers and our wonderful clients and patients! I have gotten more organized, more reliable, and better with time management. I love learning new things about horses and about maintaining a website! Also there are always tons of baby animals around and I get to spend time with them!

Expert Equine Care in Guilford County

Ashley joins a team of providers at Carolina Equine Hospital that is passionate about equine health. From routine check-ups and vaccinations to reproductive services and acupuncture, CEH has the equipment, experience, and expertise to provide the best care possible for your horse. If your horse needs medical services or you would simply like to schedule a routine check-up, you can do so online.