Giving Adeline the Yoga Goat a New Spring in Her Step : A CEH Success Story

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Giving Adeline the Yoga Goat a New Spring in Her Step :A CEH Success Story

Have you ever witnessed a goat yoga class? Small goat kids jumping around and bouncing off a group of people practicing yoga in a field. This sounds like the cutest thing you can imagine, right? You would be correct.

Adeline who is a Providence Farm yoga goat was injured while playing with some buddies and needed help right away! Her “mom” saw her and called Carolina Equine Hospital right away!

When a yoga goat gets injured while off the job, it has to take time to heal before it can get back out there with the others.  

Adeline was seen in the field by several Carolina Equine veterinarians who were able to stabilize her injured leg with a splint they created just for her. She was in a lot of pain and needed X-rays to help determine exactly what she was dealing with. Luckily she was an easy traveler and was driven straight to the hospital.

The Results Are In

After using the X-ray to examine the cause of Adeline’s discomfort it was discovered that she had a break in her right front leg. The break was in the area between Adeline’s ankle and knee. To stabilize the injury, the vets created a hard cast for her that kept the break in place so it could eventually heal back together.

The plan was to check on Adeline and her progress every couple weeks to see if any adjustments needed to be made to the cast design and to change the cast as the bone healed.


Will Adeline Return to Yoga Class?

The cast worked!

After 6 weeks and 3 separate cast changes Adeline is now able to walk completely pain-free. Her leg has healed and she is back to being a curious goat that is a farm favorite!

As for yoga, Adeline has gotten much bigger over her six-week rest and recovery and is too heavy to continue participating. Her younger friends still attend classes but Adeline prefers to now jump around and play with her pot-bellied pig pasture mate!

Routine and Emergency Vet Services in the Piedmont Triad

When Adeline was injured her owner called the vet right away which helped to get Adeline seen quickly and helped her get on the road to recovery! If one of your animals suffers an injury in the field, you should do the same and call the vet right away! Our team of experts are here to provide comprehensive care. We offer both routine and emergency farm calls as well as appointments at our hospital. You can schedule and appointment with us here!