10 Perfect Gifts to Give to the Equine Lover in Your Life

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10 Perfect Gifts to Give to the Equine Lover in Your Life

With the holidays quickly approaching here is a helpful list of equestrian approved-gifts sure to excite any horse lover in your life! Whether they have owned horses their entire life or are just dipping their toes into the world of horses, they will truly enjoy these equestrian necessities!

  1. Comical Horse Pajamas

    – When you basically live at the barn, your wardrobe mainly consists of dirty breeches or jeans and a comfortable, likely old t-shirt. Even though any time spent at home is spent sleeping, your equestrian deserves to look their very best. ENTER FUN PAJAMAS. These pajamas are funny, comfy, and may encourage your rider to FINALLY leave the barn and head home just so they can wear them! We like these, these, and these

  2. A Grooming Tote

    – Have you ever tried to carry your hoof pick, face brush, body brush, mane detangler, braiding bands, dandy brush, sponges, and curry comb without dropping anything? With a grooming tote, you can carry all of those while walking your horse or while drinking a cup of coffee. Grooming totes are the gift that every horse owner needs- and wants! Extra points if they are monogrammed with the rider’s initials! This one caught our eye! There are hang-up options too!

  3. Cozy Gifts for the Home

    – In the off chance that your favorite equestrian is not at the barn, there are lots of ways to spoil them during their time at home! An equine themed coffee thermos can help them wake up and prepare to tackle the day ahead! Maybe they prefer to lounge around on their day off from work? These sweet horse slippers won’t get impatient if you don’t feed them first thing in the morning!

  4. Gift card to tack/feed store

    – Not sure what the horse that takes up your loved one’s time eats or what colors compliment his coat? Let the rider that knows him best pick out his food and supplies! They already know what he eats and what color halter sets him apart from the rest of the barn! Online stores like StateLineTack and Dover Saddlery offer thousands of products for the horse and rider. Local feed store chains like Tractor Supply and Southern States also have gift cards at the register for all of your feed and farm needs!

  5. Nameplate Keychains and Bracelets

    – One of the most personal and meaningful gifts you can give to your favorite equestrian is a nameplate bracelet or keychain bearing the name of their favorite horse. Styled like a leather halter, a nameplate gift usually has a brass nameplate with an engraved name on the face. Barn name, registered name, show name, the options are endless! With the classic look of this gift, it’s sure to be treasured for years to come! We’ve got our eye on this, this, and this!

  6. A Barn First Aid Kit

    – No matter how prepared the barn may be, having your own equine first aid kit is always a good idea! While giving a first aid kit as a gift is a great idea, why not get one for yourself?! You never know when your horse is going to go dashing through the snow and come back looking worse for wear. With a trusty first aid kit, you have everything you need at your fingertips! Thermometer? Check! Gauze? Check! You will never need to ask yourself if you need to buy vetwrap again because you can get it automatically shipped to your house via your vet’s online pharmacy!

  7. Horse Treats

    – Nothing spoils a horse more than horse treats! With flavors like peppermint, apple, and carrot, your horse will never get tired of being rewarded! Stick a few in your pocket for when your favorite steed exits the ring or hang up a treat ball for him to play with while in his stall!

  8.  Weatherproof Gloves

    – Who likes to go for a ride on a crisp winter morning and have to ride back fifteen minutes later due to losing all feeling in their hands? No one! A pair of winter gloves made for riders can help keep you in the ring longer without preventing the use of your hands. Riding gloves are thin enough to allow full hand function and most are designed with wrist closures to fit snugly around your wrist and ensure that no glove is lost no matter how frisky the pony! You can find us adding this pair and this pair to our basket!

  9. A Festive Horse Ornament

    – Most Christmas trees don’t have horse ornaments, and those trees would be incomplete if you asked us! All equestrians appreciate a good horse ornament and many try to include a few on their trees at home! With lots of fun and funny options available it would be a shame if the horse lover in your life didn’t have one..or ten adorning their tree this year! Any tree would look dazzling if these (1, 2,3) were hung up!

  10. Gift Certificate to your vet

    – While some horses can be bought for a relatively low price, the cost of owning a horse may frighten you if you add up all of the expenses needed to care for it.  If your horse lover is indecisive about what they want, why not give them a gift certificate to their equine vet’s practice! Knowing that their next vet bill will be partially paid for will help bring a sense of relief to them when Spring vaccine time rolls around!

Call the vet to arrange a Gift Certificate! Carolina Equine Hospital is an equine focused veterinary practice located in Browns Summit that provides care to equines of the Piedmont Triad.