Rio: Will Slowing Down Secure His Spot on the Team? – A CEH Success Story

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Rio: Will Slowing Down Secure His Spot on the Team? – A CEH Success Story

Three years ago Megan purchased an 11-year-old Dartmoor pony gelding. Rio, whose registered name is Dunbarton Double Stuff Oreo, is currently part of her pony pair competing at preliminary level in combined driving events. Since adding Rio to her combined driving events team, Megan had been working through some training issues with him. She knew that Dr. Dietz was able to perform spinal manipulation and acupuncture on horses and thought she would try these techniques on Rio.

Combined Driving Conundrum

The biggest issue that Megan was experiencing with Rio mainly involved contact and the need he felt to go fast rather than collect and go at a slower pace. He had a habit of overflexing in the neck and poll, sometimes as deep as putting his nose to his chest!

Megan worked very hard with Rio, but the issue kept occurring no matter what they tried.  She had his teeth done, tried several kinds of bodywork, and played with a multitude of different bits and bridle setups, all with mixed results.

Pinpointing The Problem

In August, Megan decided to pursue more chiropractic work on him as they prepped for the fall season. She had never tried acupuncture on him, and after discussing the treatment with Dr. Dietz, she decided to give it a try.

After just one treatment, Megan noticed a huge difference in his way of going. Dr. Dietz found some discomfort in the left side of his neck and a few issues along his top line. She performed spinal manipulation and acupuncture on him. He got 24 hours off after his adjustment treatments.

Proof Is In The Pony

Once his day off came to an end, Megan put him in a light workout in the pair, and he was a different pony. Rio was now much more willing to slow down, maintain a more acceptable trot rhythm, maintain contact without over-flexion or head bobbing.  He was also able to bend without diving in circles or dropping his right shoulder.

Megan was surprised to have that much of a change in one treatment. The team even competed at a schooling driving trial with him in the pair and got their best ever dressage score (she had avoided using him in the dressage phase the last few years because of his training issues).  He has continued to improve since the initial treatment, and Megan plans to continue with regular treatments in order to continue this success!

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